About us

About MHS Horeca Supplies

About Us

Since our establishment in 2012, we've emerged as a premier provider of comprehensive solutions and supplies tailored for the HORECA sector.
With a steadfast commitment to our customers, we've risen to prominence, earning recognition as a leading hub supplier and trusted distributor for top-tier manufacturers and suppliers. Our extensive range encompasses everything from tableware, kitchenware, buffetware, to bar and coffee accessories, in-room amenities, and beyond, catering to esteemed establishments including hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts, and more.
At MHS, we redefine hospitality by not only delivering top-notch products but also offering complimentary consultations and expert guidance to both our esteemed clientele and newcomers alike.
Experience Unforgettable Hospitality with MHS, where excellence knows no bounds.

Mission, Vision and Values

Driven by professionalism, transparency, and unwavering commitment, our mission is to empower businesses to thrive. We achieve this by providing cutting-edge supplies and innovative solutions that streamline operations, boost efficiency, and elevate the overall customer experience to unparalleled heights.
Our vision is to become the most reliable reference in HORECA supplies and a turnkey solution provider for the hospitality industry, spanning across the Middle East, GCC, and Africa regions. 

Exceptional quality 

Unrivaled service 

Flexibility in crafting tailored solutions

Why work with us?

We are ‘Sales Consultants’; our team is trained to find solutions. We analyze your business, understand your goals, and suggest products that align with your vision, check size, and efficiency needs.

We bring your vision to life by offering customizable molds in a variety of colors, styles, textures, shapes, and even logo designs on porcelain, glassware, flatware, and buffet solutions. Infusing your brand identity and copyrights meticulously through under-glaze designs, ensuring your products will resist fading, scratching, and chipping, even after countless dishwasher cycles.

We source and import the best products from the world’s most renowned brands within the HORECA industry.

We offer several kinds of warranties on porcelain items ranging from 5 years to an entire lifetime.

We provide a variety of pricing options to cater all budgets.

We offer a variety of styles to meet all concepts.

We hold large amounts of stock to help reduce the lead time for delivery to 48 hours and secure replenishments and product continuity.

We deliver our commitments on time following the highest professional standards and ethics in all our deals.
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